Baby Army Token


BABY ARMY is your unique charity-driven token. Join our army to support and protect women! We are devoted to helping women in Afghanistan and financially and politically oppressed countries fight for their rights – through the power of tokens. Our community prized system brings great rewards for our charitable investors. We are not your typical token, we are driven by purpose! We stand in the wings ready to take a starring role in crypto and defend a better world!

~ Become part of BABY ARMY’s charitable community and see your assets moon! We help our community gain financial security and drive economic empowerment for women! ~


Launch will start on :

October 6th, 15.00 UTC

What are we about

BABY ARMY’s team combines a passion for cryptocurrency with women’s rights to make the world a better place. Help us with our mission to become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency community, and save women. We believe in financial freedom for all, may our army of supporters accelerate a hopeful future for underserved women in developing countries worldwide!

Baby Army Special Features

Army buffs

How do you pick the right cryptocurrency when there are so many out there to choose from? Pick one that gives you an unlimited opportunities through our prized system!
Everyweek we will hold a lucky draw and games to give our charitable holders a chance to win the prized funds accumulated from each transaction. The prized funds will grow in size each week and the winner could end up winning $15,000 just for holding their tokens (T&C apply). Start using our charity-driven token and stand a chance to be our lucky winner through our ArmyBuff prized system.

Weekly Giveaway
Each week we will be giving away a ROG 5 phone to a random BabyArmy holder.

Monthly Tournament
We will host monthly PUBGM tournaments via our Voice Chat with prizes up to $5,000!

Holiday Ticket
Weekly giveaways will include holiday tickets to the lucky winners destination of choice.

Prized funds rewards
Everyweek we’ll host a live draw on our telegram voice chat with the chance to win big prizes funded by the prized fund.

United Army Potion

Be part of our Army and Make a Difference Our community-driven, interactive De-Fi token pours % (1% for buy, 2% for sell) charity distribution into our United Potions Army Wallet. Our united army potion will be utilized to fund primarily for major charity to support and protect women rights all over the world – rest assured that 100% of the money raised for charity goes to our BABY ARMY charity fund. We then donate to the United Army Potions charity supporting women’s rights around the world!
Save Afghan women In need We are currently supporting the women for Afghan Women (, the largest non-government Afghan women’s right in the world. We hope that our charity fund can help women in Afghanistan where they face a lot of uncertainties regarding their rights due to the new Taliban rules.

2% of sell transaction will be automatically burned

Auto Liquidity
2% of each transaction will go to pancakeswap liquidity pool.

Auto Holder
2% of each transaction will go back to our amazing holders.


DxSale 45%
Liquidity 31.5% (locked via dxsale for 6 months)
Marketing 5% (50% lock for 30 days)
Team & Dev 3% (full lock 60 days)
Airdrop/Games 2%
DxSale fee 2.5%
Burn 6%
Charity 5%


Buy Tax 8%
Charity 1%
Game Prize 3%
Liquidity 2%
Restribution to holders 2%
Sell Tax 13%
Charity 2%
Game Prize 5%
Liquidity 2%
Restribution to holders 2%
Auto burn 2%

Our Roadmap

Q 1

- Smart contract deployment
- Website launch
- Twitter
- Reddit community
- Telegram community growth
- Telegram airdrop campaign
- Dessert finance audit completion
- Presale on dxsale
- Pancake swap launch
- 3500 holders

Q 2

- 20000 telegram member
- Poocoin and bogged finances ads
- Massive marketing launch
- Coingecko and CMC
- Decentralised exhcanges listing
- Trust walet integration
- Army Charity initiation
- 15000 holder

Q 3

- 30000 telegram members
- Partnership with big influencers
- Certik audit submission
- Listing on CEX
- Army Ads 'save woman' on big city billboard
- Baby army swap launch
- 35000 holders

Q 4

- BIG and Strategic partnership
- Baby Army swap launch
- Certik audit completion
- More Major exchanges listing
- Merchandise sales to help charity
- Constant community growth
- 50000 holders

Many more to comes


Read our whitepaper document to know clearly about our project.


Huge Marketing Roadmaps Ahead

Our charitable community is already growing fast! And with that our development team is focusing our energies on our investors hub, our marketing tools, developing our BABY ARMY foundation and building new interactive and enriching features that can support our users for years to come! All information about our future roadmaps will be shared and updated regularly!

Our Team


CEO of the Project


Dev & Chart Specialist


Marketing Director


Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there's a lot of questions that might come up exploring a new token. Here's a couple of the most frequently asked ones (already answered).

What is the ArmyBuff prized fund?

We have decided to reward our community with the Prized Fund Wallet, this wallet will also get 3% for buy and 5% for sell on each transactions. Now for the big one, this wallet will be used to reward our holders every week where we will have a live draw on our telegram voice chat where you win some big cash prizes and the beauty is the prize fund will grow in size each week and the winner could end up winning $15,000 just for holding their tokens (T&C apply).

What about the tickets?

Everyweek we will reward 1 lucky holder with 1 holiday ticket to destination of your choice, where all expenses will be paid for with 5 stars accomodation.


Yes, you heard it right. we will do monthly PUBG tournament where the grand prize for the winner will be $5,000. (Further details and rules to be announced on TG group)

Anymore rewards?

YES, we will also be giving away a ASUS ROG 5 phone randomly each week to 1 lucky winner so that our monthly tournament will be more exciting with gaming gadget!

Does this token have utility?

We will develop one FPS game for you to play on our website where you can play against computer or against other members of the community to win amazing cash prizes each week.

How Much Goes to Charity?

100% funds raised from our UnitedArmyPotions wallet will go to actual charitable purposes.

What Charities Do We Donate to?

Currently we are supporting Women for Afghan Women organization, as the time goes we plan to reach out more charity organizations.